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Circa 1918 – Newport News’ New Dawn (Grade: A)

UPDATE:  Oh, Circa 1918, why have you forsaken me?  Was I too inattentive?  Not lavish enough in my praise?  Did I noticeably wince the last time the bill was more than $200 for two people at a wine tasting event? … Continue reading

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99 Main Restaurant – Pure Escapism (Grade: A)

Ruth Reichl, one of the New York Times most-celebrated food critics, once wrote:  “Every restaurant is a theater, and the truly great ones allow us to indulge in the fantasy that we are rich and powerful.  When restaurants hold up … Continue reading

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El Tapatio – ¡Me Gusta! (Grade: B+)

Let’s be honest:  Hampton Roads has some issues when it comes to Mexican food.  So El Tapatio’s interesting menu and high-quality preparation comes as a welcome surprise, even if the place insists on serving the dreaded white sauce. Now, to … Continue reading

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Salsas in Newport News — One Taco Short of a Combo Meal (Grade: B)

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat:  Salsas, sister restaurant to the local El Azteca mini-chain, is your garden-variety, large-scale, high-volume Tex-Mex restaurant.  You know, the kind that litters the Riverwalk in San Antonio, where tourists are swept … Continue reading

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