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Conch & Bucket – Well, Your Friend is Kind of Cute (Grade: B)

The newest addition to what’s left of once-vibrant downtown Hampton should be an easy success story.  Conch & Bucket is a warmly lit, wood-lined restaurant with an inviting design, a strong wine focus, and an original menu.  And given the … Continue reading

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Brent’s Fine Food – “Elite” is a Relative Term (Grade: B-)

Brent’s Fine Food has a weird slogan:  “Where the elite meet to eat.”  Of course, it’s kind of odd that a restaurant has a slogan in the first place, and even stranger how Brent’s bandies theirs about without so much … Continue reading

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Harpoon Larry’s Oyster Bar – Dive In (Grade: A-)

Parked out in front of Harpoon Larry’s Oyster Bar is a decrepit 70s-era conversion van with a giant lobster draped over it.  As far as I can tell, neither the van nor the lobster has moved in years, and both … Continue reading

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Burritos and Beer – A Brilliant Concept Marred by Action (Grade: C+)

UPDATE:  Drove by Burritos and Beer on August 26, 2011, and the door was plastered with UPS delivery notices.  Looks like the place is closed. Some Tom Friedman wannabe (which is setting the bar very, very low) said, “Vision without … Continue reading

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Burger Battle — Five Guys vs. Smitty’s Better Burger

A couple weeks ago, I found myself at Five Guys staring forlornly at a sad, almost not-there, little bacon cheeseburger patty blanketed by a distinctly unmelted slice of cheese product.  I was disinterestedly making my way through a pile of … Continue reading

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Tommy’s in Hampton – Diner Done Right (Grade: B+)

Tommy’s is the place you go in Hampton Roads for straight-up diner fare. It is not a place on a list of local diners you might think about going. It is not just some place in a “top 10” list. … Continue reading

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Frank Beamer’s American Grill: An Incomplete (Grade: B-)

[UPDATE]  Well, rather than re-tool their offensive strategy, Beamer’s made like the Texas Aggies and just up and quit the conference after a losing season.  They closed their doors on the second of January, 2012, which pretty much sucks since … Continue reading

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