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Brent’s Fine Food – “Elite” is a Relative Term (Grade: B-)

Brent’s Fine Food has a weird slogan:  “Where the elite meet to eat.”  Of course, it’s kind of odd that a restaurant has a slogan in the first place, and even stranger how Brent’s bandies theirs about without so much … Continue reading

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The Green Onion – Gourmet en masse (Grade: A-)

During hurricane season in Hampton Roads, which is basically the entire year except for November through February, it doesn’t really “rain” like it does in other places.  Ordinarily, “rain” equates to drops falling from the sky and watering your flowers … Continue reading

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Blue Talon Bistro – Those Claws Could Use Some Sharpening (Grade: B)

I really want to like Blue Talon Bistro.  I mean, I want to gush about how they’ve got this cool little French countryside restaurant tucked in the middle of historic Williamsburg, how good of a job they did with the … Continue reading

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Tommy’s in Hampton – Diner Done Right (Grade: B+)

Tommy’s is the place you go in Hampton Roads for straight-up diner fare. It is not a place on a list of local diners you might think about going. It is not just some place in a “top 10” list. … Continue reading

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The Taphouse on Queens Way – A Serious Case of Puppy Love (Grade: A-)

If I were to pick a dog that would epitomize Taphouse, it would have to be a pug puppy – bug-eyed, wobbly and, in general, not quite right … yet completely irresistible.  This restaurant is about as balanced, and intriguing, … Continue reading

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