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Conch & Bucket – Well, Your Friend is Kind of Cute (Grade: B)

The newest addition to what’s left of once-vibrant downtown Hampton should be an easy success story.  Conch & Bucket is a warmly lit, wood-lined restaurant with an inviting design, a strong wine focus, and an original menu.  And given the … Continue reading

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Brent’s Fine Food – “Elite” is a Relative Term (Grade: B-)

Brent’s Fine Food has a weird slogan:  “Where the elite meet to eat.”  Of course, it’s kind of odd that a restaurant has a slogan in the first place, and even stranger how Brent’s bandies theirs about without so much … Continue reading

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Blue Talon Bistro – Those Claws Could Use Some Sharpening (Grade: B)

I really want to like Blue Talon Bistro.  I mean, I want to gush about how they’ve got this cool little French countryside restaurant tucked in the middle of historic Williamsburg, how good of a job they did with the … Continue reading

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Bardo Edibles + Elixers – Yin, Yang and Everything In-between (Grade: B+)

“Just so you know, we’re going to close down for a few weeks,” the waitress cheerfully offered.  “The owners are going to remodel the restaurant, because it’s been like this for, like, forever.” I’m not sure what I think about … Continue reading

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Burger Battle — Five Guys vs. Smitty’s Better Burger

A couple weeks ago, I found myself at Five Guys staring forlornly at a sad, almost not-there, little bacon cheeseburger patty blanketed by a distinctly unmelted slice of cheese product.  I was disinterestedly making my way through a pile of … Continue reading

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Pho 79: Get Your Phix Here (Grade: B+)

Pho 79 is a solid Vietnamese bistro serving steaming and deliciously fragrant bowls of their namesake soup. The Peninsula is sadly bereft of Vietnamese restaurants, save one other – Bamboo One – making Pho 79 a welcome newcomer as well … Continue reading

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Tommy’s in Hampton – Diner Done Right (Grade: B+)

Tommy’s is the place you go in Hampton Roads for straight-up diner fare. It is not a place on a list of local diners you might think about going. It is not just some place in a “top 10” list. … Continue reading

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